Curious. The more I read the entire exchange, the only person I wanted to omit was Katie Couric, she seemed ill equipped to do this interview in its entirety. Meryl Streep corrected her on something she tried to 'paraphrase' and then went off on a conversation about Jesus - which was interesting and she didn't engage.

Meryl and Denzel then have an interesting conversation about the bible which Katie remains silent in - to her credit, she probably had nothing to offer, but she didn't seem to understand what was happening right in front of her and for some reason she takes a tone when she takes over with her next question to Denzel. She was not expecting the one thing that black people tend to be on the lookout for; that moment when a white person discovers that a black person sees them...really sees them...and they [Kathie in this case] usually do not respond well to it.

Denzel Washington did nothing that was odd. He engaged with her just as Meryl and Demme did, but his engagement left a taste in her mouth because she saw him as 'other'. Even though he was Denzel and one of the most loved actors at that time, she saw him as 'other'. I'm surprised she used uncomfortable instead of threatened, but I won't put words in her mouth. I just think that someone with so many years in an industry where asking questions and being rebuffed is normal [she worked a political beat] her response makes no sense and holding onto this thing I suspect is because she needs to understand something about herself - it has nothing to do with Denzel and everything to do with her, she must surely be wondering what kind of person she is.

I hope she doesn't keep waiting to find out.

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